I want to volunteer! Who do I contact?

For individual and group registration please email info@myprecisionplanner.com. Be sure to include all of your contact information (Name or Group Name, Phone Number and Email Address).

What happens after I email my interest of becoming a volunteer?

You will receive an email with specific instructions and information regarding the volunteer opportunity. A confirmation email will be sent approximately one week prior to event with more information (i.e. parking, check-in time, etc.)

What if I sign up to volunteer but am not able to participate?

Please email info@myprecisonplanner.com as soon as you know you are no longer available. Volunteers are critical to the success of this event and we will need to find a replacement for your shift.

What if I cannot work the whole shift?

Once you sign up, we count on you for the full shift. We cannot replace you if you leave early. Sometimes the shift may seem over-staffed and slow, but often we are preparing for a rush or working around parking. We count on each volunteer for help at the busy end of the shift.

How long is a volunteer shift?

Each shift is 3 hours in length (6 AM – 9 AM, 9 AM – 12 PM, 12 PM – 3 PM). Shifts longer in length are available. If interested in a longer shift, please email info@myprecisonplanner.com. Volunteers may provide service validation forms for signature.

Can I split the shift with a friend?

Unfortunately, No. Switching midway through a shift is difficult for the majority of our volunteer duties. That is why it is crucial that volunteers remain for the full length of the shift. We value your support and cannot replace you!

I did not receive my race crew information email.

An email will be sent approximately one week prior to the event with more information. If it is less than a week until the race and you still have not received an email, please contact us at info@myprecisionplanner.com.

I would like to volunteer at a water station.

Water stations are typically staffed by large teams or groups. If you are volunteering as an individual, we suggest volunteering at the start/finish line, activity, or any of the other exciting opportunities leading to the day of the race.

Are meals provided for volunteers?

A snack sack (i.e. water, whole fruit, nutrition bar) will be provided with your volunteer information when you check in the day of event. Concessions are available for purchase or you may bring refreshments.

Is parking paid for?

All volunteers will receive directions for free parking.

How should I dress?

Wear comfortable shoes, layers for cool to hot temperatures and clothes that are comfortable. You will receive a volunteer T- shirt that identifies you as a part of the event crew.

What should I bring with me?

As little as possible; there is no storage, so you will have to carry any items you bring with you. Almost all areas will have a corner where everyone can set their jacket or snacks, but it will not be secure.

Can children volunteer?

The official age for an unaccompanied child to volunteer is 16. Direct any questions on this issue to the volunteer coordinator in an email to sara.mckee@myprecisonplanner.com.

What if I am unable to stand for long periods of time?

We have limited volunteer responsibilities which offer seated duties. Direct any questions on this issue to the volunteer coordinator in an email to info@myprecisonplanner.com.