While fundraising is not required to participate, it is encouraged. Invite your friends, family or co-workers to contribute.

The Runwell 4 Life Festival benefits Runwell, The Linda Quirk Foundation. Runwell raises funds to provide addiction scholarships to qualified treatment centers and actively works to shift the worldwide view of addiction and the perception of those afflicted from one of disgrace to one of acceptance and hope. Through the positive effects of sport, Runwell helps to provide athletic opportunities enabling individuals to accomplish endeavors beyond their perceived limits.

This graphic shows the different steps to donate to Runwell

How do I create an online fundraising page?

In order to set up an on line fundraising account, you must be registered to participate in the 5K Trail Run. Please click here to register for the 5K Trail Run and follow the instructions on how to create your individual fundraising page from there!

Where can I enter cash or check donations I have received?

We’ll take care of that for you! Mail all off-line donations to Runwell, 14286-19 Beach Blvd. #361, Jacksonville, FL 32250 or for more information please email us at Contact@runwell.com. Our staff will validate the offline donation and the value will be credited to your fundraising account.

Where can I make a straight donation to Runwell?

Donating has never been so easy! Click Here to Donate!