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We Rocked the 2016 Sketchers LA Marathon

Team Runwell did it again at the 2016 Sketchers Performance Marathon and collectively raised $6,612 for addiction treatment scholarships! 

Thank you so much to the following Team Runwell athletes. We are so thankful for their generosity, time and hard work. Many of them provided photos of the event below. 

  • Kim Pawelek
  • Janette Brunken (pictured)
  • Mary Cordoza
  • Katie Friedlander 
  • Chad Moye 
  • Daniel Powers
  • Tina Valle
  • Lauren Walsh
  • Marcella Young

Chad Moye

Janette Bunken 

Katie Friedlander 

Katie Friedlander and friends 

Mary Cordoza Peterson and Marcella Young 

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