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Too Inspired to be Tired

Team Too Inspired to be Tired is two runners, two veterans, two survivors–Sean MacMillen and Mary Kries. They want to run the 2017 TransRockies Run, and they need your help to do it.

For the second year in a row, Kathoola is accepting nominations for teams of two with unique and compelling stories to receive free entry into the race.

MacMillen is a Runwell Ambassador. He and his teammate Kries are joining forces as Team Too Inspired to be Tired and are running to honor their fallen comrades at war, and their strength to overcome life’s most challenging obstacles. Here’s a little background, as documented by the runners themselves.

About Sean MacMillen

As an infantry officer, Sean served three combat tours in Afghanistan. After returning, Sean struggled with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). He used alcohol as his recovery drink to chase away the demons. His idea of streaking was how many days in a row he could drink. Liquor stores were his aid stations and yet his worst enemies. Sean now jokes that he was over-training for the beer mile. Sean refused to take any rest days and used alcohol as his only fuel in life. Sean exhibited such strong endurance that his drinking led to bling in the form of handcuffs. His recovery finally came in the disguise of alcohol rehab centers. Sean crossed the ultimate finish line when he stopped drinking and toed the start line when he discovered running! Running helped Sean drop 83 pounds and his alcohol addiction. With his support crew today, Sean continues to get high, but now it’s a runner’s high!

About Mary Kries

2004 was both an incredible and a heartbreaking year for me as I pursued my dream of cycling across the United States! Along the ride, I had two life-changing experiences! First, my weight gain could not be blamed on ice cream; I was pregnant! The game changer was I learned I had cancer and it could spread to my baby. It felt like my life that I had packed with so much was coming to a complete screeching halt. Had my physical and mental training in running for 22 years prepared me to fight cancer? A cancer diagnosis means there is a real possibility that you can die…had I made the most of every opportunity? Today I treasure each opportunity I share with my 11-year old strong, smart, silly, speedy, and healthy daughter named Viva for “live long.”  As a cancer survivor, I strive to pay it forward by helping others also touched by cancer. I ran a marathon in honor of my friend who has brain cancer – and I won– beating all the boys too. I once ran for me…now I RUN FOR ROB!

How they teamed up

Their paths crossed at a trail running camp for Team Red, White and Blue, a nonprofit that enriches the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to communities through physical and social activity. Their common bonds of running and overcoming adversity made them a natural team, and they left camp knowing they were destined to share more adventures.

From Team Too Inspired to be Tired

We are both extremely proud to have served our country in the US Army! However, since leaving the Army, both of us have faced killer uphills in our lives. These obstacles could have resulted in DNFs for either of us. Yet, when we hit the wall, we both found it within ourselves to dig deep and never give up - just like Kahtoola Microspikes on snowy trails.

On Memorial Day, they will run the Grand Canyon R2R2R to remember our fallen comrades. “As we continue to pay it forward inspired by the adversities we overcame, our PR will always be  friendship founded on trail running,” MacMillen says.

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