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Reasons to Sign up for the Great Wall Marathon Now

The Great Wall of China, one of the seven wonders of the world, courses like veins through thousands of miles of China’s northern territory. This is a fortification, a landmark cherished not only by the Chinese but all of the world’s citizens. The sheer magnitude of the project and the engineering feat are marvels in themselves, but this piece of world history winds through gorgeous countryside. Now is your chance to not only see it, but feel it as you trek 26.2 miles in the 2015 Great Wall Marathon and Half Marathon!

Not that you need any more reason as a runner to join this race than the ones listed above, but we’ve outlined three reasons you should sign up for this race early.

Limited Space

This challenging race is one of the most popular in the world, and runners from every continent want to scratch this one off their bucket list. Signing up now will ensure your involvement in this epic event.

Start Training Early

Sign up, define your goals and get to work! Take full advantage of your Runwell Training Coaches. This scenic monument is as beautiful as it is brutal. The marathon doesn’t take place along a flat stretch of wall, but twisting through the rugged and breathtaking countryside of the Tianjin Province. The route includes steep inclines and declines, and a total of 5,164 steps! These aren’t just stairs, but steps, thousands of years old that range anywhere from 6 inches high to nearly two feet. Training for this terrain is essential and the earlier you start, the better.

Get a Headstart on Your Fundraising

The motivation to raise awareness about the disease of addiction as well as raise money to help those desperately in need of treatment is powerful, but so is saving money for yourself. Begin by signing up on our site then completing the registration at Marathon Tours, and you’re ready to start fundraising. Runners must pay for all of their application and airline fees, but for every $2,000 raised for the cause, Runwell will repay you $400 towards your fees. Start early and the trip can practically pay for itself!

This is truly a special race and an experience you will never forget. Get started early and get in, get in your best shape, and crush your fundraising goals - heck, if you start early enough you could learn enough Mandarin to interact with race friends and villagers.

Learn more about running the Great Wall Marathon & Half Marathon here.

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