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The Great Wall Marathon is for You!

We already gave you a few reasons to register early for the Great Wall Marathon, but maybe you need a few more reasons to hit the Wall with us on May 16, 2015?

For starters, China is an amazing country. Steeped in culture and history, a visit to Beijing and the Great Wall Marathon is a perfect complement to any runner’s wishlist and passport. Located two hours outside of Beijing, the Huangyaguan section proved to be the best preserved section and allowed for the best race course for a field of 2500 runners.

See one of the 7 greatest wonders of the modern world

Not only see, but run on it. And do so with only 2500 other runners. It’s an intimate course that weaves through beautiful farmland and picturesque villages. It’s a good time to have a camera with you to capture and share the experience of a lifetime.

Major bragging rights

This race is touted to be one of the most difficult in the racing circuit. The stretch of Great Wall that has been selected took years to find; the organizers viewed several other locales in order to find the best option for this race. Be advised that if you run a 4-hour marathon, you can expect to finish the Great Wall Marathon in about 5.5-6 hours. It’s a challenging course, but it shouldn’t intimidate you, as there is a distance for everyone, and all of the races include a section of the Great Wall.

Cross one of the continents off your marathon bucket list

Want to be in the Seven Continents Club? Perfect. For any runner looking to complete the 7 Continents Challenge, the Great Wall Marathon provides an opportunity to challenge yourself in a smaller field.  With only 2500 total runners (marathon-half-and 8.5K), this is only a fraction of the size of say Tokyo (with 35,000 + runners). You won’t have to worry about bumping elbows with a fellow runner while you’re trying to take in the views, plenty of breathing room.

Limited group sizes and knowledgeable guides

Runwell's own lead ambassador, Michael Schaffer will be joining the Great Wall group this year, and Marathon Tours (one of Runwell's amazing sponsors) provides not only a local, English speaking guide but they also send a Marathon Tours staff person along on the trip. In their experience, it’s shown that it brings additional comfort and personal touches with a sub-group on only 35 people. It’s nice to not get lost in the groups and have the opportunity to ask questions along the way!

Sightseeing opportunities

Marathon Tours takes groups through the most important and popular sites in Beijing. Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Llama Temple, Temple to Heaven, the Summer Palace, silk factory, pearl factory and much more. For those looking to expand their cultural experience you may also decide to book pre or post trips.  Marathon Tours has selected a pre-trip to Hong Kong. We have a post-trip to Xi’an, home of the Terracotta Warriors. Perhaps a visit along the Yangtze River aboard the Yangzi Explorer? Perhaps a visit to the financial hub of China, Shanghai. Do you want to see pandas? We have a special extension that will visit Chengdu, the home of the largest and most successful panda breeding centers in the world.

Ready to hit the Wall? Register here!

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