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Suit Up and Show Up

Each week we get up early, drive from Brunswick to Jacksonville, stretch, and head out for an early morning run with the Runwell crew at Gateway. We share stories, talk about current situations, and how we can set small goals each day to keep us sober. This weekly commitment has given me a sense of purpose and an additional reason to keep running and to keep improving. Knowing that people are counting on me to be there every week and that they are going through a journey similar to mine makes it easy to stay inspired. I get attached to those in recovery and seeing them continue to work toward their goals gives me a renewed sense of purpose. My addiction had me living on the streets but now I have others who look up to me and being a positive example has become an important part of my new lifestyle.

Being associated with Runwell also gives me a way to reach out to the rest of the community. Through social media, I am able to share my success, wear my Runwell gear proudly at races and reach others who are suffering. I want to be an example of what Runwell stands for. Every time I put on the Runwell singlet I want to represent everyone who is struggling with addiction. I want to give them hope that they can change their path and live a healthy, active life free from drugs and alcohol. Some of my favorite and most rewarding moments are watching the Runwell crew from Gateway cross the finish line at their first race. To see their joy and feel their excitement gives me a sense of pride in what we are doing. I remember that first time I crossed the finish line and how amazing it felt to accomplish something I never imagined I would do.

So what keeps me going? Kim, Mark, Linda, Mike, Goldy, Lee, Christopher…everyone who suits up and shows up. They keep me going. They keep me excited about making a difference every week. My love for running is a blessing that I can share…and sharing it with those at Runwell is the best way for me to make a difference in my community.


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