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Striving to Break the Stigma of Addiction

First off, I want to thank Runwell for being the presence that it is. This organization has given me a different and greater purpose with my 14+ years of running than ever before. Runwell offers like-minded people who've "been there, done that" with alcohol and drugs a real chance to reach goals, build confidence, gain trust and succeed.

Going to Gateway each and every week these past six months in particular with my recent injury/surgery has taught me more about myself and how to cope (my first surgery for athletic issues) with adversity and not become down/negative because of my situation. Even though I have not yet run with this current group, I still feel I'm a part of it. My recovery has been enhanced (even after 24+ years of sobriety) greatly because of Runwell and helping others in their early stages of recovery and them being grateful to us for coming there each week.

I have also become a sponsor to a few of our participants and being able to see them grow in their recovery/sobriety is what this is all about! Helping others overcome what many people think is a "hopeless" situation is beyond words. What I especially like about Runwell is the team bonding and the fact that we have a common bond (even you, Kim, whether you know it or not) with our addictions; that we strive each and every day to break the stigma attached to it, and to show/help others overcome their own demons, and that they can thrive in recovery!


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