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Runwell Grant Helps Young Man Battle Addiction

Thanks to Road Recovery for sharing how one of Runwell's grants helped them help others. This organization is dedicated to helping young peopl ebattle addiction by harnessing the influence of the entertainment industry who have confronted similar crises and wish to share their experience, knowledge and resources. 

Road Recovery’s RecoveryTrax program is a unique and powerful solution at the MOST critical stage when these young people are faced with challenges of building a sober network while encountering the triggers of daily life (which can often feel like a rollercoaster ride). RecoveryTrax helps young people navigate the real world while establishing an ongoing partnership that collaborates with each participant's clinical treatment team. Guided by entertainment industry professionals and supported by a community of like-minded peers, RecoveryTrax empowers young people in recovery to face their struggles and helps them develop comprehensive life skills by creating, planning and presenting live concert events.

In November 2015, Road Recovery forged a partnership with Educational Alliance a 126-year-old NYC-based organization serving young adults to build them bright futures through arts & culture, education, health & wellness, and social services. Educational Alliance referred Miguel T., a resident of the institution who was a newly sober male in his early 20’s, to join Road Recovery’s RecoveryTrax Program. Unfortunately, due to budget limitations, Educational Alliance, nor the young participant, could not afford the RecoveryTrax program fee of eight-hundred ($800.00) dollars per month which helps Road Recovery offset the program’s annual budget (attached) for the program. However, thanks to Runwell, Road Recovery had five-thousand ($5,000) dollars now available in financial scholarships to support this young participant’s continuance in RecoveryTrax so he could follow a healthy lifestyle, under supervised continuum of care, and maintain his sobriety through peer support and the creative outlet that Road Recovery has provided young people battling addiction and other adversities since 1998. Miguel has received a FULL scholarship valued at eight-hundred ($800.00) dollars per month starting in December 2015 and continuing through June 2016. Now in his seventh month of program participation, Miguel remains a fully engaged and active participant of the RecoveryTrax Program and has thus far received seven (7) months of a full scholarship (total value = $ 5,600), with a majority of the scholarship covered by Runwell. 

During his time in RecoveryTrax, Miguel T. has experienced a number of activities and provided outreach services to others, while maintaining his sobriety with the support of Road Recovery and Educational Alliance. At Road Recovery, Miguel participated in a music & speaking outreach event for an audience of teens at Fusion Academy – Lincoln Center on February 3 (see video below that includes a music performance). Miguel also joined Road Recovery to experience a private meeting and concert with legendary music stars including Ozzy Osbourne at Madison Square Garden on February 27, David Ellefson of Megadeth at Terminal 5 on March 17David Gilmour of Pink Floyd at Madison Square Garden on April 11, and John Taylor of Duran Duran on April 12. And on April 4, Miguel shined as was one of the featured presenters/singers representing Road Recovery at the Linehan Institute Gala at Dream Hotel Downtown, an event where Joyce Linehan honored NY Jets football star Brandon Marshall.

Keep up the great work Miguel, and thank you Road Recovery for doing what you do for today's youth. We are proud to support your mission and appreciate the work you do on a daily basis. Learn how you can get involved in a Runwell event to contribute to programs like those of Road Recovery's. 

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