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Runwell Furthers Mission with New Collaboration

Runwell is excited to announce an upcoming collaboration with Gateway Community Services, a Jacksonville, Florida-based nonprofit drug and alcohol rehabilitation agency, in a new initiative. Runwell team members are taking on this collaboration energetically, as they encourage Gateway’s patients and their support system to engage in healthy activities, such as exercise and nutrition, as a way to provide a continuum of care to those in active addiction recovery.

Unwanted weight gain can become an issue for those being treated for addiction due to a couple of different reasons. Eating sugary, fatty foods activates the brain’s reward center, which stimulates the natural opioids in our bodies and triggers the release of dopamine, similar to a drug. Also, continued use of drugs/alcohol can cause damage to dopamine receptors in the brain, which can cause an individual to have difficulty with impulse control. With drugs no longer in the picture, food can become the next best thing. Runwell supports and encourages teaching individuals to adopt a healthy lifestyle early in recovery as an essential part of healing the mind, body and spirit.

Runwell is providing this new initiative at no cost to Gateway’s clients or families. We feel it is important to give back to the community, in addition to scholarships for treatment. Anything we can do to foster healthy lifestyles furthers our mission. On April 25, we anticipate 40 Gateway clients, staff, therapists, and supporters to come together for a few hours to set exercise goals, go for a run, talk about healthy nutrition, and to hear from Keith Brantly, 1996 United States Olympic Team Member, marathon.

About Gateway:

Gateway Community Services is a private, non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation agency committed to building a better community by taking action against addiction. The organization is Northeast Florida's largest provider of rehabilitation and recovery services to those suffering from the disease of addiction. Gateway delivers a comprehensive, cutting edge continuum of care to all of its clients. Gateway provides a wide range of services that includes, detoxification, rehabilitation counseling, e-therapy, and residential and outpatient treatment programs for adults, adolescents, women with children, transitional recovery housing and more. Gateway is providing help to those seeking recovery and hope to those impacted by the disease of addiction. The mission of Gateway Community Services is to deliver effective treatment and recovery services based on proven steps and to help people suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction and related mental health issues.

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