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Achieve the Ultimate Life Balance

Time poverty. It’s a thing all of us know. Though it has been speculated that time is more about perception than actual hours, it’s still something many of us find a scarcity. We’re busy. We work a lot. We have friends and social lives and our kids have friends and social lives. Busy. Learning to be thrifty with your minutes can give your quality of life a boost by combining some key quality of life boosters, such as running and vacation!

It’s called, a runcation, a term popularized by bloggers who are probably keen on taking running vacations. While it’s rare that any of us go on a vacation sans running shoes (who doesn’t need a break from the holiday madness?), but what about planning your vacation around a race?

Some wise soul once said, “Balance comes in the moments when you stand up for the life you truly want for yourself, by making choices that align with that." You want to stay in good running shape, but you also want to get a break from work, relax and explore more than just a weekend. It’s entirely possible with destination races, which offer endless opportunities to travel while staying healthy, active and fit. There is a destination and distance for every runner out there, with just a little research you’re likely to find just what you’re looking for. Maybe you’ll even be looking to step out of your comfort zone a bit, you’ll likely find plenty of opportunity for that, too.

Convinced yet? Here are some things to consider when planning! 

Adjust your expectations

Live at sea level but chose a half marathon in a sleepy mountain town? Don’t expect a PR. Remember, you are still on vacation. Relaxing and enjoying yourself should be your top priorities, so your event should be both relaxing and enjoyable as well. Be well prepared and well trained, but remember the intention and purpose.

Go as a group

Family members and friends make great training and race partners, so try getting a group together. There races for all types of runners, from multi-day races through the woods to races geared toward women to a series-style event that has several distances and events that can appeal to anyone in the family, even the kids!

Commit early

Give yourself plenty of time to plan the trip (flights, hotels, restaurants, sightseeing), train and save money. Once again, remember that you’re going on vacation so you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by training and gathering so many details in a short timeframe (on top of your day-to-day busy life!).

Chill out

Be sure to make sure you have some time to relax before the race, maybe even book some spa time. Save the sightseeing and long lines for after. No better way to walk out the soreness than by exploring a beautiful new place. Quads? What quads?

If you haven’t heard, experiences are far more valuable than material possessions, our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than things. Start planning your runcation today. 

Great events to consider

Choose your own adventure!

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