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Run Honolulu with a Runwell Ambassador

Janette is Runwell ambassador who ran her first marathon this year. She’s ready to tackle her next one, the Honolulu Marathon on December 11, 2016 and she would like to extend an invitation to join her and represent Team Runwell.

“I just ran my first marathon this past February at the LA Marathon. It was the most exciting, challenging and grueling task I've ever had to do and I'm already signing up for my next marathon. I'm planning to run the Honolulu Marathon on December 11, 2016 and would be honored to represent Runwell again. I also wanted to extend the invitation to my fellow Runwell teammates.

So why Honolulu? Well to give you some background, I'm a Southern California native who just moved to Hawaii a little over a year ago. My husband and I moved here with our three boys mainly because we loved Hawaii so much but also for a fresh start. Our love for the island started when we came here for our belated honeymoon five years ago. The beautiful weather, running trails, and peaceful scenery set the perfect environment that aided me in taking those first steps in my own recovery. Not to mention, it helped to be away from my former life influences. I have a remote history of drug use in my 20s but for a long time, alcohol had a hold on me and on July 12, 20015 I finally quit. Shortly after, I was inspired to run a marathon for the first time. I knew LA had to be my first marathon since being from Southern Cal, I still considered LA my hometown. I happen to come across Runwell as I was scanning through the list of charities that I was looking to run for on the LA Marathon website. It was as if two different roads in my life suddenly converged and I was meant to do this. As a practicing physician and recovering alcoholic I strongly believe in Runwell’s mission to not only help provide access to recovery programs for those in need but also create awareness of the substance abuse epidemic.

Hawaii has become a special part of my journey in recovery and that is the reason why I've chosen to run the Honolulu Marathon. So consider joining me in spreading the word of Runwell's mission and experience a little bit of the Hawaii island life. Mahalo! Janette"

If you would like to join Janette, please contact her directly via email:


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