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Packing Checklist for Your Overnight Trail Relay

Overnight trail relays can be the perfect mix of challenge and adventure, but they can be unpleasant with you’re not prepared. The keys to your comfort and success are organization and strategization. We put together some helpful packing lists you can use as a base, we hope you’ll find them helpful because it can take a few attempts before you get the formula down. 

Running Clothes Packing List

Mentioning that you should check the weather seems silly, but you should definitely always check the weather. The climatic range of what you could encounter spans the full spectrum, from sunny, hot and humid days to cool, even cold, nights. Rain is always a factor, even if the forecast doesn’t call for it.

Your clothing selection has to be both strategic and common sense, as you’re looking only for things that are both comfortable and functional. 

  • Trail running shoes - 2 good pair

  • Short sleeve/sleeveless/tank – 3

  • Long sleeve shirt – 1-2

  • Sweatshirt/warm layer – 1

  • Capris/shorts – 3

  • Underwear – 4

  • Sports bras – 4

  • Running socks – 4

  • Compression socks – 2

  • Hat or visor – 1

  • Sunglasses – 1

  • Gloves/hat – 1

  • Rain jacket or poncho – 1

Running Gear Packing List

This is a good starter list. Be organized as you’re packing, try to find a place for everything and do the same once you’re at your campsite. When you’re waking up at 2 AM to start your leg, you don’t want to have to scrambling to find your things.

  • Quality headlamp

  • Reflective night running gear

  • Hand flashlight

  • A watch, if you use one

  • Sunscreen and lip balm

  • Hydration pack or handheld water bottle

  • Check out the Tube Waistband, or something like it to carry your cards, cell phone and camera

  • Massage roller, they even make quality travel rollers now that flatten when not in use

  • Chafing cream, gel or powder

  • Hair ties

  • Gaiters

  • Face bandanna

Campsite Accessories

Bring things that are going to make you comfortable. Warm boots and blankets might be overkill for you bare bones types, but they could also make your day or night much happier.

  • Tent

  • Camping chairs

  • Cooking table

  • Sleeping bag/sleeping pad, some runners appreciate an air mattress

  • Cell phone and portable charger (solar powered are nice)

  • Non-running shoes, like comfortable sandals

  • Portable music device and headphones

  • Rain gear: rain fly for tent, plastic bags to keep your feet dry, towel to dry off, rain pants, rain jacket, extra tarp, waterproof boots for walking around campsite

  • Camera

  • Yoga mat

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Reusable, insulated container for beer/hot tea/coffee

  • Foam roller

  • Cooler with cold beverages

  • Ice

  • A large towel

  • Baby wipes

  • Ibuprofen, Imodium, etc.

  • Hand sanitizer

  • Toothbrush/toothpaste

  • Hair brush

  • Cash

If you’re interested in getting a team together and running with Runwell, here’s how to get started. These events tend to be some of the best fun you’ve had in a long time. Prepare, pick your team wisely and have an amazing time. Don’t forget to check the weather!


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