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Endurance Training Over 60: Assembling a Tire Drag

You won’t believe what Linda Quirk has got up her sleeve this time. Would you believe it’s a 330-kilometer endurance race in Aosta Valley, Italy? Of course you would, it’s Linda!

“During the tour, the runners cross 34 municipalities, 25 mountain passes over 2000 metres, 30 alpine lakes and 2 natural parks. The minimum altitude is 300 m (985 feet) and the highest is 3,300 m (10,800 feet). The total elevation gain is about 2,400 m (78,700 feet).” Source: Wikipedia.

All 205 miles is to be completed in less than 150 hours.

She wants to share some of the best training moments with you, starting with her first installment: assembling a Trail Toes Tire Trainer.

Why would one run dragging a tire? Well, it turns out, it can be an incredibly effective way to train to run in the mountains without actually running in the mountains. Linda lives where there are no mountains, but she travels to them often, so her training will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Up next week, Linda will share with you her first experience running with the Tire Trainer! 

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