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Crossing the Finish Line is Just the Beginning

For the 28 individuals from Gateway Community Services that participated in the Get Inspired 6k over the weekend, crossing the finish line was just the beginning.

Most of them had never run in a race before, many of them hadn’t run in years before joining Runwell's pilot program to introduce health and fitness early in recovery. But they all finished, and crossed the first of many finish lines on their journey to recovery. 

“I wanted to run this race because I have to prove to myself that I can do this. People tell me how much I’ve improved since starting this journey with Runwell and it motivates me to push myself,” says one participant currently in recovery at Gateway.

Runwell is honored to lead these individuals on their journey to self improvement through education and encouragement. Learning how to live without a dependency on drugs or alcohol can cause feelings of vulnerability, restlessness, depression and loneliness. Adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes a balanced diet and exercise, as well as goal setting, can help improve self confidence and restore a better quality of life.

Did we mention yet that three participants took first place in their age group? Impressive considering they only just started this program in April.

With the help of some of Runwell’s core team, the guys and gals in the program are learning how to set realistic goals, and take one step at a time, celebrating small achievements along the way. You can help them keep momentum and achieve their goals by making a donation that will go toward future registration fees.

Changing lives, one footprint at a time. 

28 individuals in recovery crossed the first of many finish lines as part of Runwell's collaboration with Gateway Community Services, a drug and alcohol treatment center in Jacksonville, FL.

Posted by Runwell on Thursday, July 2, 2015

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