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7 Reasons to Runwell!

It's a great time to make a change, do something new, be adventurous and be generous. Runwell can help you achieve your goals, and you can help someone else achieve their goal to live a life free from the suffering and pain of drug or alcohol addiction. Here's a short list of reasons we like to Runwell, have anything to add? 

Runwell is changing the way people perceive addiction

Unlike other diseases, addiction carries with it a negative, discriminatory perceptions that likens addiction to a moral failing or a choice. Part of Runwell’s mission is to break down the stigmas, to spread the word that addiction is a brain disease, and most people need treatment, and lots of support, to overcome it.

Running provides countless health benefits

Running is gaining popularity each and every year, and it’s no surprise considering all of the amazing physical and mental health benefits that come along with it. Stress relief, curb addiction cravings, make new friends, be happier, sleep better, bulk up your bones, build confidence, increase energy, fit into those pre-baby jeans, we could go on and on. Running just makes you happier.

Build a better you AND give someone else hope. At the same time!

By joining the Runwell team, you’re making a difference in the life of someone struggling with addiction. Your contribution to our mission represents hope and self worth, it represents light in a life of darkness. Plus, you’ll have access to some amazing coaches that the pros use: including Olympic marathoner Keith Brantly and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and USA Triathlon Certified Elite Coach Bob Seebohar.

Runwell promotes and provides a healthy, active social network

Our network of ambassadors and athletes are supportive of every background, every goal, and every single stride toward building the life you want to live and being the athlete you want to be. We are a passionate group, affected by addiction in some way, we’d love to be part of your story.

Runwell can help replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones

There are a lot of ways to define unhealthy living, including being sedentary, overeating, drug or alcohol indulgence or abuse, smoking, the list goes on. By adopting a new exercise routine such as running, the bad habits naturally take a back seat if not disappear completely. It feels good to be healthier, it’s what the body wants (despite its cravings, but that’s just chemicals).

Runwell helps make drug or alcohol addiction treatment accessible

One of the biggest problems feeding the addiction epidemic in the country is lack of accessible treatment. The vast majority of addicts can not afford the standard cost of addiction treatment. The core of our mission is to make treatment for the disease of addiction more accessible, and we do this by raising funds through events like marathons and half marathons. Each participant is provided with a personal fundraising page and are encouraged to kindly solicit friends, family, coworkers and community members to donate to the cause.

Runwell is dedicated to helping addicts reach recovery

Just last year, we initiated a pilot wellness program with Gateway Community Services, a nonprofit drug and alcohol treatment facility in Jacksonville, FL. Runwell supports the theory that adopting a healthy lifestyle early in treatment can help ease the transition from addiction to recovery. And it’s a proven fact that having a strong support system can help an individual be successful on their road to recovery. Our program provides individuals in treatment with coaches–volunteer Runwell Ambassadors and coaches–to get them training, help them set and reach positive goals, encouraging them to focus on the future. With each step they’re closer to recovery from the disease of addiction. In July, 28 runners in the program ran their first race, and all 28 finished. We also expanded our program to a second treatment center on the West Coast, New Found Life in Long Beach. We see them crossing many of finish lines in their future.

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