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5 Reasons to Run a Destination Race

Clearly you love running, and most likely enjoy vacations, so why not combine the two? Destination races are a great way to vacation with a true sense of accomplishment. There are so many great opportunities for runners to experience new places while doing what they love, running! Thinking about signing up? Here’s five reasons we think you should!

A weekend away with the gang

Whether it’s a family or friend group, this can be one of the most enjoyable components to running a destination race: the opportunity to spend time away with people you like to spend time with.

Opportunity to see new places

Most of the time, race courses are designed to pass through the most interesting, beautiful and historical parts of a city. The chance to run in a new place is a great motivator too. As much as we grow to love those training routes, it’s nice to check out something new!

Get happy!

You’ve seen the psych research that says people derive more happiness from spending money on experiences than things. Consider setting aside the money you spend on a new gadget every year to put toward a new experience.

Motivate your training

Yes, we know the local Turkey Trot is a lot of fun, but how often does one train for those? Destination races take some planning, taking vacation time, booking a hotel and getting on a plane. You’re going to take training seriously and you’re going to be excited about it. 

There’s a race for everyone

Just like vacations, there’s something for everyone, even for the whole family with kid-friendly races. There are countless races, from wacky to urban to scenic, and varying distances to choose from.

And last but not least, a chance to run with the elite!

That’s right. This is your chance to join Linda Quirk herself for the race of a lifetime in Sri Lanka, February 14, 2016! This ultramarathon covers 155 miles of one of the most stunning and culturally rich locations of the planet in six stages and seven days.

Ready? Set. Go! Learn more and register to run Sri Lanka!

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