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Read about each step in greater detail.

  • Select a race from Race Calender

    Runwell is continuing to partner with exciting organized running events, from half and full marathons to ultramarathons, that you can participate in while raising awareness and donations for Runwell. If you're serious about running a race and helping Runwell make addiction treatment accessible to all, simply choose a run from our current Race Calendar and we'll help with the rest.

  • Register for Your Run

    Once you’ve found a run that you want to participate in, simply register for it right here on Answer a few quick questions, enter the appropriate registration information and you’ll be on your way.

  • Start Campaigning for Donations

    Once you've registered for a run you'll be challenged to raise a minimum dollar amount in Runwell donations; some of the adventure races have no minimum donation but you can defer part of your registration/travel costs when you reach specific fundraising benchmarks. We encourage all Runwell runners to reach out to their social networks, friends, and family for donations and support. Like breast cancer, Alzheimer's, AIDS, and other diseases, the disease of addiction requires treatment before there can be talk of recovery. All donations and proceeds help Runwell in its effort to make addiction treatment accessible to all. will set you up with a personalized donation page so people can make donations on your behalf. On your donation page you’ll also be able to track your progress and read your posted messages.

  • Begin Your Training

    You’ve registered for a run and you’re raising, you need to get physically fit for your race. Runwell has partnered with an elite training staff who have prepared a series of running schedules, guaranteed to help you achieve your goals (be it crossing a finish line for the first time, racing for actual time or pushing yourself to the ultimate limit). Simply answer the upfront training questions and you’ll receive a customized training schedule that you can begin using today.

  • Access Runwell's Coaches

    Only on do you have access to Olympic marathoner Keith Brantly and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics and USA Triathlon Certified Elite Coach Bob Seebohar that the pros use. Simply join the Runwell training center and gain access to Runwell's online live video chat sessions and Twitter discussions hosted by Keith and Bob (members will be emailed regarding dates/times) and other great, exclusive offers.

  • Run for Fun, Run for Recovery

    Finally, run your event and remember to have fun. Share with as many people as you can that you're running for Runwell and about its mission. To achieve our goal, we need to spread the word about Runwell and that starts with you. So lace up, stretch and enjoy the long, exciting road ahead.