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Find out the latest news about RunWell and its partners here on our blog. Its all there... from running and race highlights to inspiration bout the alcohol treatement and recovery to advice for parents struggling with a loved one's addiction and more.

The First Year of Recovery

We asked our ambassadors what was the most helpful to them during their first year of recovery

Alternative Training for Injured Runners

Injuries happen, it's how you recover from them that counts. Learn ways to maintain fitness when injured. 

We Rocked the 2016 Gate River Run 15K

Running isn't what they expected to get from rehab for addiction, but it's helped them reach more than sobriety. 

Reflections From Sri Lanka: Linda Quirk

At 63, Linda Quirk ran 155 miles through Sri Lanka's brutal, beautiful landscape to prove anything is possible. 

Reflections From Sri Lanka: Walter Bortman

Walter is proof addicts can achieve their dreams, he has a message to share with them

Don't Slack on Sleep

During sleep our bodies are repaired and brains rewired, but many athletes don't get enough. Improve your sleep technique. 

How We're Fighting Addiction Right Now

News of the growing addiction epidemic can be disheartening, but things are being done to fight it

We Rocked the 2016 Sketchers LA Marathon

We had a blast as we ran the 2016 Sketchers Performance LA Marathon and we have the photos to prove it

The Next Big Race: Sri Lanka

Team Runwell travels to Sri Lanka to conquer the 4Deserts ultramarathon

Are You Ready to Train for a Marathon?

Think you're ready for a marathon? Do it! But first, ask yourself these questions. 

7 Reasons to Runwell!

Make a difference in your life and someone else's when you Runwell

2015 Year in Review

2015 was a blast, but we think 2016 will be the happiest, healthiest year yet

Gateway Runner Spotlight: Rafael

This week's runner spotlight is Rafael. Read how he's regaining his life after addiction.  

5 Strength Building Exercises for Runners

Gain power and stamina needed to overcome the pack with these 5 strength building exercises

Can We Use Drugs to Treat Addiction?

“We see addiction as this thing we have to morally conquer - like a spiritual calamity. What if drug addiction is just a switch in your brain that got stuck in the on position and you can use a pill to switch it off?”

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