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Find out the latest news about RunWell and its partners here on our blog. Its all there... from running and race highlights to inspiration bout the alcohol treatement and recovery to advice for parents struggling with a loved one's addiction and more.

Becoming a Runner Later in Life

The fastest-growing age group for runners is that of the 50+ age group. Learn more about the benefits of running into your golden years and the special precautions to consider. 

The Addiction Argument | Disease or Compulsion?

For decades, addiction has been widely accepted as a disease, but there are different schools of thought as to what addiction is and how it fits into the medical world: a disease of the brain, or a compulsion, a matter of choice. 

Gear: Hit the Trail in these Threads

Avid trail runners agree that hitting the trails in the right gear is important for a satisfying and safe run. Check out some of the top rated gear from Runwell's community and their sponsors at Racing the Planet.

Williams' Death: Addiction, Recovery, & Depression

Robin Williams' story is a microcosm of the struggle with addiction.

Reasons to Sign up for the Great Wall Marathon Now

Three reasons to stop procrastinating and sign-up for the incredible 2015 Great Wall Marathon & Half-Marathon now!

Running can curb addiction and ease recovery

 Unfortunately, getting sober often has losing odds, but it can be done with support. And exercise?  

Q&A with our runners in the Eastern States 100

Runwell is proud to be the official charity for the inaugural Eastern States 100. We caught up with a few of our runners competing in the race and asked each a different question about training, nutrition, and motivation needed to push oneself to the limits.

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