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Find out the latest news about RunWell and its partners here on our blog. Its all there... from running and race highlights to inspiration bout the alcohol treatement and recovery to advice for parents struggling with a loved one's addiction and more.

New Program Underway to Encourage Wellness

Runwell's new program helps addiction treatment patients adopt a healthy lifestyle early in recovery. 

Achieve Endeavors You Never Thought Possible  

Make a difference in someone's life this year and achieve something you never thought possible by participating in a Runwell partner event. 

Runwell Furthers Mission with New Collaboration

Runwell partnering with drug and alcohol rehab facility to encourage early recovery fitness and nutrition

Acupuncture for Runners: Why it Works

Acupuncture is known to alleviate pain and inflammation associated with common running injuries and fatigue. 

Runwell Ambassador Spotlight: Ed Shepherd

Runwell is the perfect avenue to bridge his passion for wellness with his struggles of addiction. 

Feeding Addiction: Overprescription in America

Interview with Dr. Kenneth Thompson, Medical Director at Caron Treatment Centers about the opioid epidemic in the United States. 

Nutrition for Runners: 6 Tips to Fuel Your Run

Simple tips to fuel your body with the nutrition it needs in order to maximize your potential. 

Why and How to Incorporate Interval Training

Learn why interval training makes you faster, and how to incorporate it into your workouts

Do It Now: The North Face Endurance Challenge

The North Face Endurance Challenge is a family-friendly two-day trail running festival that will build bonds and lift spirits. Take it from the Quirk family. 

Join Us! Donor Pays Registration for LA Marathon

Join Team Runwell for the LA Marathon, donor picks up registration fees to help fund addiction treatment

So, running is good for your knees?

Studies indicate running may help strengthen and stimulate cartilage repair to minor damage. 

3 Reasons to Stop Stigmatizing Addiction

Despite scientific fact that addiction is a brain disease, it still carries societal stigmas that characterize addiction as a moral failing. 

How to be a (Run) Streaker

Runwell Ambassador, Dan Bridges, participated in the #36 Days of Awesome, a run streak community created by Runner's World; read about his experience. 

Linda Quirk Takes On 2nd Brazil 135+ Ultra at 61 Quirk, 61, will be the oldest female competitor at the Brazil 135+ Ultra: 175 miles in under 60 hours for charity, and in memory of her father

Are You Stretching Before You Run?

We debunk myths about stretching, which has its place in the fitness world, but not before you run!

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