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Fuada Velic

Fuada Velic

Born and raised in Eastern Europe (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Fuada started running at an early age and was racing and competing with the school districts and states. Due to the war in Bosnia in the early 1990’s Fuada & her family were forced to immigrate to The United States. She currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida.

As she says, “With the war circumstance I did not have the opportunity to continue my life in sports, I was a little girl with a passion for running, competing, striving for better every day”. She had to settle for a different life focusing on her education, graduating with a Master’s Degree in accounting. While earning her degree Fuada was very involved in her community and was nominated for many civic awards.

In spite of her achievements Fuada was not fully satisfied. “All this did not make me feel complete, I always felt that I was missing something, my body and mind were hungry for something that would make me move and shake (that was my running craving). Some days I would have memories when I was running back home and my teacher was proud of me and encouraging me to run more and more.” In Jacksonville she started searching for running groups and asking people around how runs conducted here in the States. She joined some local running groups and as she says “I felt so happy with the tears running down my cheeks telling myself, look that little war girl still can run”.

Her first race in years was a 5k, and has progressed into longer distances from 10ks to half and full marathons. “Running makes me stronger, makes me happy and it helps me to clear my mind and let go of anything uncomfortable in my life”.

Fuada has a passion for helping others. She especially likes to help women to appreciate and love their bodies, no matter what they have been through. “Our bodies tell our stories, and we need to embrace what our bodies have done for us”. “I believe that taking control of our health, through eating clean and exercising, can empower a better work performance. She loves networking, meeting leaders and energetic people that are passionate to help others and to make a difference.

-My biggest message is: give time to yourself, to your life and push your mind to the highest achievements.

-My health secrets: wake up early…. early as possible every day even weekends.

-My running secrets: Eat Fruits and drink lots of water.


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