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Stacy Kotsko

Stacy Kotsko

 Since 2012 Stacy has joined hands with various groups in her community and has raised funds for kids clubs and drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Working with the homeless, serving her ministry, encouraging physical fitness, and cooking for various community servants are just a few ways Stacy and her daughter enjoy giving back.

When Stacy was growing up on the family farm in Southern Indiana she loved (and still does!) the outdoors. As a family they were VERY physically active due to the large herd of livestock and land that her family owned.  Running and physical fitness were always very strong presences in her life.  Stacy ran on her high school track and cross country teams and fared well but failure to cope with the various life circumstances, Stacy turned to drugs and alcohol.  Alcohol was a minor struggle but the marijuana and other poor choices spun her into a whirlwind of depression and further dependency. It was a very difficult season but a close friend reached out and would not let go of her. It was a renewed faith in Christ and a dear friend that saved Stacy from total destruction. However, her heart is to see recovery and freedom from addictions and mental illnesses so individuals and generations to come will have a fighting chance at living full and rich lives!

Running is has been a staple in Stacy’s life for as long as she can remember and she is so thankful to be able to do what so many cannot.  She started “racing” in 2008 and has built up to running 100 mile endurance runs. Each one is usually a fundraiser of sorts and this has always been a joy for her.

Stacy’s desire with Runwell is to engage the community and bring folks together with fitness as a common goal and take it to a whole other level together! Stacy has watched and heard of the rising issues of kids with substance abuse and depression and hopes along with Runwell to bring awareness to their plight.  Stacy serves as an active board member with the local boys and girls club and is excited to see and connect her community with recovery and HOPE!