Who Helps Us Runwell

Kevin Peter

Kevin Peter Director of Runwell Kevin Peter has been Director of Runwell since October, 2018. He has been involved since 2016, when he registered to run the Paris Marathon with Runwell to help raise money for treatment scholarships at Caron Treatment Centers. His son received treatment at Caron in 2014. Kevin and his wife were able to pay for their son’s extended care treatment, but they know many families cannot.

Kevin has been a fundraising professional in the Philadelphia area since 1993, working with very small to very large nonprofit organizations and public institutions. He has been a runner and triathlete since succumbing to a mid-life crisis in 2004. He has been in long-term recovery since 2012. Not an elite athlete by any means, Kevin has completed seven Ironman triathlons, seven non-Ironman marathons, and many other shorter races. In 2019, he is jumping into ultra-marathons with a vengeance.

Kevin holds a Master of Education in Adult and Organizational Development, with graduate certificates in Conflict Management and Training and Organizational Development, from Temple University. Kevin earned a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation and Parks from Texas A&M University.

Linda Quirk

Linda Quirk Founder Linda Quirk is the founder of Runwell and has been racing the planet to raise awareness and money for addiction treatment and recovery since 2008. Along the way, she's broken records, raised significant donations and gained tremendous support from people across the globe. She launched Runwell after realizing the recovery community is strong, without boundaries and in need of support. As a parent who has witnessed the devastating affects of addiction, and the miracle of treatment and recovery, Linda's foundation comes from a place of personal experience.

Linda’s had a myriad of successful running and triathlon accomplishments, including: Ironman Florida, Long Course Worlds in Sweden, Ironman Lanzarote, Ironman World Championships, Kona, Hawaii, many Half and Olympic distance triathlons including Ironman 70.3 Worlds in Clear-water, Florida. In 2008, Linda ran 7 marathons on all 7 continents in under a year, and in 2010 she completed Racing the Planet’s 4 Deserts “Grand Slam” (becoming the first American woman and oldest person in the world to complete prestigious event in one calendar year).

Merging her love of running with her efforts to promote addiction and mental health treatment and recovery worldwide, Linda believes in the positive power of running as a tool to building awareness for the disease of addiction. From the discipline it takes to train, to the rewarding experience of crossing a finish line, sport can be used to inspire those dealing with addiction, and those that love them, to seek treatment and a life of recovery and wellness.

In 2013, at the age of 60 years young, she competed in two 135 mile ultramarathons, The Brazil 135 and Badwater 135 breaking the women's age group record which had stood for 16 years.